Typically, summer means there are more visitors, more drinks, and more time outside which are all a recipe for disaster with your carpets! But that’s not a problem when you’re armed with the right cleaning products. To help you out, our brand partner @making_ahouse_ahome has put together 5 1001 Savers must-haves for this summer, helping you to always keep your home clean and fresh for visitors.


1001 Savers must-haves

Read on to find out Harriet’s top 5 summer must-have cleaning products from Savers, and her reasons why you need them too!

  1. Vinyl gloves – “Protecting your hands when cleaning is SO important! Not just from a hygiene aspect but also to prevent your skin from coming into contact with any chemicals. I always have disposable gloves on hand. They’re a must with toddlers and young children too – you don’t want to be cleaning up any potty training accidents with a bare hand! I particularly like these as they are Latex Free, so perfect for me as I have sensitive skin.”
  2. Microfibre cloths – “A good microfibre cloth is vital. The tiny fibres remove dirt from much smaller spaces than a standard cloth can! They are super versatile, and I love that they are also made from recycled material. Microfibre cloths can be used for absolutely all sorts!”
  3. Dishcloths – “I always use a white cloth to remove carpet stains! So these are the perfect companion for 1001 Carpet Care products. A white cloth will prevent any stain transfer when scrubbing carpets and stains from soft furnishings… As well as being able to use these for dishes or other cleaning chores. Just don’t get the used ones muddled up!”
  4. Scrubbing brush – “A scrubbing brush can be used for so many different cleaning tasks. I personally love a brush to give my rugs and carpets a deep scrub!”
  5. 1001 Spring Blossom Carpet Fresh – “Spring Blossom and Mandarin is my favourite scent! It’s so refreshing and uplifting, the best product for making a house feel (and smell!) like a home. Its revives soft furnishings and carpets with it’s refreshing fragrance, and is the perfect finishing touch after cleaning.”


How to use 1001 Carpet Fresh

  • Give the Carpet Fresh can a jiggle
  • Hold the can upside down and spray 40cm away from the object you wish to freshen up
  • Press the nozzle and gently spray left to right (or right to left) for an even covering
  • Leave to dry – there’s no vacuuming required


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1001 Savers: 5 summer cleaning must-haves