Every January, millions of us make New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s saving money, losing weight, or cutting down on drinking, the New Year is a great opportunity to commit to making changes.

Two of the most popular resolutions are: to be more organised and to keep a cleaner home. So, to help you achieve your goals in 2019, here are five New Year’s cleaning resolutions you should make.

Clean your kitchen as you use it

It can save time and stress if you clean your kitchen as you use it. Try and clear away dinner plates and do the washing-up after you have eaten, rather than leave it to pile up for the morning.

Often you can do the washing-up while your meal is cooking, and try to wipe and clean kitchen surfaces immediately after cooking.

Also, vacuum and mop your kitchen floor later in the evening once a week. Cleaning when your family have gone to bed will let the floor dry overnight without getting marked.

Clean before you clean

One way to make your cleaning life easier is to sort your cleaning cupboard and storage.

Remove all your cleaning products first and give your storage space a clean. Emptying your space also lets you check that there are no leaks, pests or mould in your under-sink cupboard or larder.

Once you have cleaned, take the opportunity to arrange your cleaning products so they are easy to get to.

Shop around for your cleaning products

Unlike food, cleaning products tend not to have short use-by dates. So, buying them when they are on offer can save you loads in the long run.

Buy your favourite cleaning products when they are discounted and store them away in an under-stairs cupboard or even in your garage.

Make sure you use any vouchers or coupons you find, and always make sure your cupboard is well-stocked, as running out of something often means you pay full price for buying it at a convenience store.

Make a schedule

If you keep putting off cleaning in the belief that you’ll ‘do it another day’ you will probably always have an excuse not to start!

So, working to a schedule can help you to become more organised and to get through the cleaning tasks on your list.

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Look after your carpet

A quick vacuum can help you to keep your carpet clean, but you should try and make time to really look after your carpet.

Giving your carpet a deep clean every month with a product like 1001 Shampoo will get rid of ground-in dirt. Also, its unique formula leaves a protective shield that will defend your carpet and keep it cleaner for longer.

Once you have given your carpet a good monthly clean, don’t forget to give it a quick spray of 1001 Carpet Fresh! The quick-drying foam leaves your room smelling great, and you can use it without the need to vacuum.

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