Wife Appreciation Day was on 15 September, and it got us thinking about all the ways that partners can show appreciation to their wives. On the 1001 Instagram page, one fan said that her husband does the hoovering as she has a condition that makes this chore too hard on her back. (Though, she still likes to spray the Carpet Fresh!) Instead of offering simple ‘how to clean’ carpet advice, we will be tackling how to divide tasks to show your appreciation!

Who does what?

In the UK, it’s overwhelmingly women who do the bulk of household chores, even when both partners are employed full-time. (Same-sex couples tend to be more equitable, at least until a baby arrives on the scene!) Jobs that do get divided tend to get split along gender lines, with husbands tackling the rubbish and household repairs, while wives do the cooking, cleaning, and childcare. In fact, wives in the UK tend to do up to 60% more of the unpaid household work!

Showing appreciation

While flowers, jewellery  and a coupons for free back rubs are nice, the best way to show your wife that you appreciate her is to pitch in! Now, that may mean doing things that she asks you – always good to give help where it’s specifically needed. But, asking your wife where you could help out more will probably music to her ears! If you feel like you’re not sure how to clean something,  you’re in luck – 1001 has more to offer than just carpet care advice!

How to clean better

We often hear male partners suggest that their partners are simply ‘better’ at things like cleaning. Maybe they think it’s something we’re born with – but they don’t realise we read up on cleaning tips!

Just like anything nowadays, the easiest way to learn to do something you don’t know how to do is to watch a YouTube video about it! We have videos about all types of home carpet cleaning, of course, but there are plenty of videos explaining how to clean different parts of the house. Finding an efficient way to do things is its own rewarding challenge!

How to clean more for Wife Appreciation Day