Welcome to 2020! With a clear vision of the type of home you’d love to have, we’ve prepared a few simple resolutions to help you achieve it! Better carpet cleaning  with your trusty 1001 carpet spot cleaner, of course, but other ways to make your life just a little bit easier! So read on to see how clean carpets, fresh scents and a little more relaxation time are within your reach!

Make a schedule

While surprise messes are a part of life that aren’t like to disappear on their own, a cleaning schedule will make your life so much easier! Setting Tuesdays for dusting or Sundays for bathrooms can make your mountain of tasks seem a lot more manageable. When it comes to carpet day, remember that cleaning carpet properly also involves hoovering properly first. Then, if the job requires more than a carpet spot cleaner, reach for 1001 Shampoo.

The best way to clean carpet with 1001 Shampoo is by following these simple steps:

  1. First, vacuum your carpet thoroughly. If it’s an area rug, don’t forget about vacuuming underneath!
  2. Mix 1 part 1001 Shampoo with 6 parts water.
  3. Use a clean, colour-fast cloth to apply the solution to the stain, being careful not to over-wet.
  4. Once the carpet stains are gone and the carpet is dry, give it another vacuum.

And of course, cleaning carpet wouldn’t be complete without a burst of Carpet Fresh!

Clean as you cook

In terms of making your life easier, cleaning while you cook not only saves you time, it means you can relax more after your meal! Some tips to get yourself started include designating a ‘rubbish’ bowl for scraps of things ready for the bin or compost. Rather than making trips to and from your bin (and possibly dropping something on the floor that might require a carpet spot cleaner) you put everything together in one spot, and empty at the end.

Likewise, keep any utensils you’ve already used for measuring or stirring as you cook in a cup next the stove once you’ve used it. Then, if you need it again, you’re less likely to grab a new one out of the drawer.  Ones that are ready for a wash can go inside a pot or bowl that you’re already done with, ready to all be washed during whatever ‘waiting’ step there is during the cooking process, or while your partner plates the meals!

Clear out cupboards

Want to make your time in the kitchen even more efficient? It’s possible that when you were busy preparing for holiday house guests, you found all sorts of things tucked away in cupboards. Things that you maybe bought a few years ago! Sure, we’re good about remembering to donate clothes that are no longer worn and toys that are no longer played with, but spices tend to get forgotten. They can become stale and lose their potency, so pay mind to their expiry dates! And, when you’re checking, if you end up with an accidentally spilled sachet, don’t panic, just grab your favourite carpet spot cleaner!

  1. Vacuum the area thoroughly until all residue is removed. It’s important that you vacuum up all residue before treating the stain.
  2. Apply 1001 Troubleshooter and wait for up to 5 minutes.
  3. Gently massage the product into the stained area.
  4. Remove excess liquid with a dry cloth.
  5. Leave the area to dry, then vacuum.

Enlist everyone’s help

Many hands make light work, so it’s time to get your kids and partner in on the action when it comes to cleaning. Just add them to the chore schedule you’ve resolved to follow! It can start with simple picking up their toys and making their beds, and can include doing their own laundry. If your kids insisted on getting a dog, then it’s time to arm them with 1001 Pet Stain Remover carpet spot cleaner to help with cleaning carpet! (And Carpet Fresh Pet ,of course.)

Want more tips about cleaning carpet at home or which spot cleaner to use?

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Better carpet cleaning with 1001 carpet spot cleaner & other resolutions for 2020