World Toilet Day

Did you know 11% of the houses in the UK have carpets in the bathroom? 1001 fans weighed in online to let us know what they think about this surprising stat! It may not be the typical choice, you if your home is one of the 11%, then you can rest easy knowing that Carpet Fresh can be used to keep your bathroom smelling fresh!

Child safe carpet cleaning tips

Cleaning up after kids is a full-time job! If you need tips for keeping the playroom clean while using child-safe cleaning products, we have you covered! We talk about why carpet might be preferable in a playroom (despite the mess potential) as well as how to keep the room clean and the carpet fresh.

Love Frosted Winter Berries? Enter a Carpet Fresh pic to win!

We want to reward all our Frosted Winter Berry fans! This limited-edition scent is the perfect second step after using whatever the best carpet cleaner for your specific stain is. To enter to win a winter hamper of goodies, just follow these steps:

  1. Follow @1001carpetcare on either FacebookInstagram or Twitter.
  2. Post a photo of yourself using a Frosted Winter Berries Carpet Fresh, tagging us as well as a friend you’d like to share the hamper with.
  3. Facebook and Instagram stories will not be considered as entries.
  4. We will randomly select one lucky entrant from the posts, only one entry per person.
  5. Submit your entries by 30th November. We will announce the winners on the 1st of December.
  6. See full Terms & Conditions for contest details.

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Fresh Friday is about keeping carpet fresh in winter