Can some good carpet cleaning tips help with your hay fever? Our answer is YES.

Are you sneezing or coughing? Have red, runny eyes or an itchy throat? You, my friend, may have hay fever. It’s an annoying group of symptoms that come with our loveliest seasons. But could a carpet cleaning solution spell the cure? Read on to find out how some household cleaning may save you some sniffles!


What is hay fever and how can carpet cleaning tips help?

We commonly use the term ‘hay fever’ when we experience uncomfortable allergy symptoms. But despite the name, hay fever doesn’t only refer to seasonal allergies. So if you’re experiencing the telltale symptoms, there might be indoor allergens to blame. Things like mould spores, pet dander, dust mites or even human skin particles—yuck! Thankfully, it’s easier to control your indoor environment than the outdoor one.

By dealing with the dander and who-knows-what-else in your home, you can drastically improve the air quality and your allergy symptoms. Just follow these carpet cleaning tips—they could change your life!


Tips on how to breath easy

The first carpet cleaning tip to go on your ‘carpet cleaning tips’ list is to hoover weekly. More often if your furry friend is shedding, or the kids are tracking pollen into the home after playing outside! There are HEPA filter vacuums that are recommended if you think you are particularly sensitive to allergens in the home.

Next, reach for 1001 Shampoo! It has a brand new look, but the same formula that’s perfect for cleaning larger areas of your carpet or rugs. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Mix 1-part 1001 Shampoo with 6 parts water.
  2. Use a clean, colour-fast cloth to apply the solution to carpet spots and stains. Be careful not to over-wet!
  3. Once the carpet stains are gone and the carpet is dry, give it another vacuum.

And that’s it! We always recommend cleaning your carpets with the windows open and fans on to ensure proper air flow. That’ll be a saving grace for your sensitive nose and eyes, and make sure your carpet dries nicely!


More cleaning solutions?

It’s easy to get stuck when you discover a new stain or big mess. That’s why we offer top carpet cleaning tips on our 1001 Facebook page,  Instagram and Twitter. It’s not just carpet cleaning solutions though—stay tuned for fun contests and exclusive updates on new products!


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