If you’ve become addicted to using your smart home voice-activated assistants, then you’re not alone! To help you take your home care to the next level, we’ve launched the 1001 Carpet Care app, meaning that your next mess-emergency can be solved with a simple request. Instant answers to your urgent problems with pro carpet care tips and advice!

How to use the Carpet Care app

Compatible with Alexa, here’s everything you need to know about using the 1001 Carpet Care app when you next have a spill or a smell you need to tackle.

  1. Download the Carpet Care app from the Alexa Skills page
  2. Next time you have a stain or smell on your carpet or rug, say: ‘Alexa, open Carpet Care’.
  3. Lisa, our digital Carpet Care assistant, will ask how she can help you.
  4. Ask for help, including the type of spill or mess and type of surface – for example, ‘How do I clean red wine out of my rug?’ or ‘How do I get pet smells out of the carpet?’
  5. If you have a speaker, Lisa will read the instructions for you, and if you have a video device such as Amazon Echo Spot or Show, you also have videos available.

It’s that easy! But that’s not all that the Carpet Care app can do…

Get product recommendations & add to your shopping list

Carpet cleaning tips are great in emergencies, but what about the everyday ways that the Carpet Care app can make your life easier?

The app will recommend the best product to use depending on the stain you have on your carpet. For example, it will tell you whether you need the Troubleshooter or the Mousse to get rid of a lipstick stain. It will even ask you what Carpet Fresh fragrance you prefer. Then, Lisa will ask if you want to add 1001 products to your shopping list, so you will never forget and get caught without again!

Carpet Cleaning App