Join us for a night of self-care with 1001 Spring Fest Live! Our Spring Fest Live event is designed to help you unwind, have fun and distract from the day-to-day.

The event will feature much-loved influencers from across the cleaning industry including the amazing @Twinklecleaningduo who will share their cleaning tips and advice. Ask the influencers about your carpet cleaning dilemmas, find out some self-care saviours and meet some furry friends! There will also be the chance to win some big-ticket items including a VAX carpet cleaning machine and an iPad mini!


1001 Spring Fest Live festival schedule

You’re guaranteed a jam-packed evening of fun. Here’s what’s to come on the night:

Each segment has a different competition and prize for you to win! These prizes range from a Spa Day package, £100 amazon voucher or even a Fitbit! And of course, some 1001 goodies. So, make sure to take part.

All of the influencers involved will be sharing more information with you between now and the event on the 23rd of February, so make sure to follow their social accounts to find out more about the topics of discussion, the competitions and the prizes.


More about 1001

If you’re new to 1001, our products are ideal for tackling those carpet stains and freshening up your carpets, rugs and upholstery. You can achieve a professional cleaning standard with our 1001 Carpet Mousse which is great for wet or dry stains such as red wine, tea, mud, coffee or juice. The unique rapid-drying formula works its magic deep down into fibres to remove stains quickly. Here’s how it’s done:

What you’ll need:

How to use it:

  1. Shake can well before use. Hold can 15-20cm from the carpet. Apply where required.
  2. With a dry clean cloth, massage the Mousse formula into the stained area.
  3. Rinse the area with water and then blot dry with a dry cloth or paper towel. Avoid over-wetting.
  4. Vacuum treated area once dry.


Freshening your carpet with 1001

After removing the stain from your carpet, we highly recommend using one of our carpet fresh products to leave the treated area with a beautiful scent!

All done? We can’t wait to see you at Spring Live Fest on 23rd February at 7pm!


Where to buy 1001

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It's time for Spring Fest Live with 1001!