If you’ve watched any of our ‘how to’ videos, you’ve probably come across a dog or two.

We have a dedicated 1001 pet range, which includes our Pet Stain Remover and our Carpet Fresh Pet products.

One of our rescue dogs is a little pug named Toto. He can help show you how 1001 can deal with pet stains and smells. Keep reading to find out more about her.

Find out more about 1001 pet products

According to figures from the PDSA, the UK is home to 8.9 million dogs. Just under one in four of us have a canine friend at home. While we love our pets they can give your carpets and rugs a tough time!

Our pet range is completely safe for dogs. It is designed to help you keep your carpets looking and smelling great:

If you’ve watched our ‘how to’ videos (particularly “the best carpet cleaner if you have a dog) or you’ve read any of our blogs you may have come across some of our four-legged friends. And, rather than paying for canine ‘actors’, we were keen to make sure we used our own scruffy mutts when showcasing 1001 products!

One of our 1001 dogs is a fawn-coloured pug. Her name is Toto, and she was rehomed from Starfish Dog Rescue in Stroud, Gloucestershire by one of our team.

Toto found herself without a home at the age of four, and so was taken in by one of our dog-loving colleagues who had also previously rehomed another Starfish rescue; golden retriever/collie cross Bailey who you’ll also see in some of our videos and blogs.

Committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of dogs

At 1001, we are all about ensuring our products are safe for dogs. We’re also keen to ensure that all the dogs we feature are in good health and under the care of an experienced vet.

We’re also aware of the aims of the Brachycephalic Working Group (BWG). The BWG have been encouraging organisations not to use ‘flat-faced’ dogs in advertising, and therefore encouraging the breeding of these animals. Breeds such as pugs and French bulldogs can suffer from health problems such as breathing difficulties and eye disease.

We’re committed to the aims of the BWG and that’s why we will only use our rescue dogs in our pet-based content. Toto is under the care of an experienced vet and is in good physical condition, and you’ll only see her in our pet-based features from time to time.

We don’t encourage the breeding of brachycephalic dogs, and we’ll never ‘hire’ a pure-breed brachycephalic dog for any of our marketing or advertising. We’ll only ever use one of our rescued animals!

If you have a dog and you want to know more about our pet products:

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