It’s Read a Book Day and it’s time to get stuck into the pages of something new or a comfortable, old favourite. But before you do, it’s important to clear the space around you and use a room freshener to ensure your reading corner is a pleasant and relaxing place to be. This way, you can truly centre yourself and your mind into your book.


How to clean your room quickly

Before going straight to your favourite 1001 room freshener fragrance, we’ve put together some quick tips, so you can get to your book!

  • Take out your rubbish
  • Hang clean clothes, put dirty ones in your washing basket
  • Clear clutter on surfaces and pop bits and bobs into their rightful drawers
  • Dust surfaces, then clean them with an antibacterial spray and cloth
  • Run the vacuum over the floor
  • Now, freshen your carpets with a 1001 room freshener!


Choosing your room freshener

At 1001, we have a number of different fragrances to suit every nose. Our fragrances include:

  • Exotic Fruit and Coconut
  • Spring Blossom and Mandarin
  • Frosted Winter Berries
  • Soft Jasmine and Linen
  • Exotic Flowers and Pink Grapefruit
  • Thai Orchid Pet

Our 1001 Carpet Fresh fragrances are your best friends when it comes to keeping your home smelling clean and fresh for longer! It’s also easy to use too, which means you can spend less time on freshening up the room and more time reading!


How to use Carpet Fresh room freshener

Step 1: Shake your fragrance can

Step 2: Hold upside down and about 40cm away from your carpet, sofa, curtains, etc

Step 3: Push the nozzle to release the foam and sweep across the item you’re freshening to ensure an even distribution


And just like that, you’re done.

With 1001 Carpet Fresh, there’s no need to vacuum, it doesn’t leave any mess, it dries in minutes, and it works wonders when it comes to banishing everyday smells.


Where to pick up room fresheners?

Want to be ready to settle down with your book for Read a Book Day?

Find your favourite Carpet Fresh fragrance at Home Bargains or online at AmazonRobert Dyas and The Range. Then you can get comfy on your sofa and read your favourite book while enjoying hours of freshness.

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The perfect room freshener for your reading corner