This April, 1001 are a proud sponsor of National Pet Month. Over the course of the month we’ve been focusing on the millions of pets that share our homes with us, responsible pet ownership, and the best carpet cleaner for pets.

Now we’ve teamed up with National Pet Month to offer a fantastic giveaway. If you’re a cat owner, you will want to read on…

Win a portrait of your cat with 1001 – the best carpet cleaner for pets

Cats are the second most popular pet in the UK. Estimates suggest that there are 8 million cats sharing our homes, and to celebrate our feline friends we’ve teamed up with National Pet Month’s Scratching Post Facebook community to offer a very special prize.

Scratching Post is part of the National Pet Month Facebook family. It’s an online community and resource website for cat owners, so if you’re crazy about cats you can join the group and share in the highs and lows of caring for your kitty. 

In collaboration with Scratching Post, we’re giving away a beautiful hand-created canvas of your pet courtesy of Canvas Creatures, worth £60.

Canvas Creatures take a photo of your cat and hand draw a digital portrait of your feline friend. Once you’ve approved the artwork, they will then create a beautiful canvas for you to display. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate your cat, and will look great in your home.

So, how do you enter?

  1. Follow 1001 on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @1001carpetcare
  2. Post a lovely picture of your cat on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #1001NPMcat
  3. Make sure you also tell us their name!
  4. Post before midnight on 6 May 2019.

That’s it! We’ll randomly pick one winner from all the entries and that lucky person will win the cat portrait.

Find full terms and conditions here.

Get involved now, and don’t forget to like and share our social media posts. Spread the word!

Want to deal with cat stains and smells? Reach for the dedicated 1001 pet range

Cats are fantastic, but sometimes they can leave a bit of a mess in their wake. Whether your moggy has had a little accident, knocked a glass of wine onto the floor, or has simply trodden mucky paws into the house, we can help!

1001 have a dedicated pet range designed to clean and freshen your carpets.

So, if you want the best carpet cleaner for pets, reach for the 1001 today!

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