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“I think this product is fantastic. When my friends and family come round they always comment on the lovely smell. I Have recommended this to everyone.” Ms Brown “Recently tried this product on a article smelling badly of friends tobacco smoke, and not only has it freshened the article but the whole of our conservatory smells of “SUMMER FLOWERS” Great result.” K&M Ward >> More info

Carpet Fresh

Product Information

1001 Carpet Fresh is a quick and easy solution to freshen rugs, carpets and upholstery. Made from a blend of floral and fruity notes, it safely eliminates all types of everyday hidden odours without the need to vacuum!

The Carpet Fresh range is available in a variety of fresh fragrances Thai Orchid & Passion Fruit and Fresh Linen & White Flowers. There is also a Pet version with a fresh Thai Orchid & Passion Fruit fragrance – designed to tackle everyday trapped pet odours within your carpet and upholstery.

How the product works…

The fine, quick drying carpet fresh foam penetrates deep down into the carpet fibres instantly neutralising trapped odours. The foam dries in just five minutes, leaving your carpet and whole room smelling naturally fresh and clean.
The product contains no bleaching agents or aggressive solvents and is completely safe to use on all types of carpets including wool. And what’s more it’s Woolsafe Approved.

Top Tip

Carpet Fresh is ideal when used as part of a regular cleaning routine but is equally good as a daily room freshener to treat everyday smells from pets, tobacco and cooking.


Question and Answers

Lisa answers the most common questions
asked about 1001 Carpet Fresh

Carpet Fresh - Question and Answers


Do I need to vacuum my carpets after using this product?

No – 1001 Carpet Fresh fine foam will dry within 5 minutes

Will the product leave any messy residue or deposits?

No- 1001 Carpet Fresh fine foam is designed to gently dissolve into your carpets without leaving messy residues.

Can I use this on my upholstery or rugs?

Yes – however, always check your upholstery or rug manufacturer’s guidelines.

Where should I use this?

We recommend this product is for freshening of carpets and upholstery only – for general cleaning of larger carpeted areas use 1001 Shampoo and for Spot Stain removal try Troubleshooter or Spot Shot.

Is it safe to use with animals?

Yes product is safe to use around pets. With the exception of birds.

Can I use this product to remove Lily Pollen?

No, please contact our helpline for further advice on how to remove this.

Here's how to use 1001 Carpet Fresh in a few easy steps…

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Safety first

Always Test a hidden area for colour fastness.


For carpets we recommend to use 1001 Carpet Fresh as part of regular cleaning activity after vacuuming.

Here’s how to use Carpet Fresh in a few easy steps…

  • Shake the can well before each use.
  • Hold the can upside down about 15” (38cm) from the carpet.
  • Press tab firmly whilst moving it in a sweeping side-to-side motion applying an even, light covering of foam to your carpet.
  • You can see the foam working as it disappears into your carpet.
  • In about 5 minutes, your carpet is dry and refreshed with a pleasant fragrance.

*This product is not suitable for removing Lily Pollen. Please contact our helpline for further advice on how to remove this