Manual Cleaning

Prior to Cleaning

Check the colour fastness of your carpet using the method described in ‘Stain Removal – The Basics’ section. When you’re sure no bleeding is likely, remove as much furniture from the room as possible.

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly.

If there are any old stains on the carpet remove them using 1001 Troubleshooter or 1001 Spot shot Stain Remover or 1001 Mousse using the method used in the ‘Stain Removal’ section.

Cleaning the Carpet

Having removed as much of the stain as possible, start cleaning the carpet. Open windows to speed up the drying of the carpet. Remember that wool carpets take longer to dry than synthetic.

Begin to work from the corner of the room that is furthest from the door. This will avoid the need to walk unnecessarily on the wet carpet. Take care not to overwet the carpet or you may cause other problems as the carpet begins to dry.


If you use a sponge with 1001 Shampoo to clean the carpet, try not to distort the pile.

Pull the sponge towards you, against the lay of the pile, rather than across the lay of the pile – this will depend upon how the carpet has been installed relative to the door you are working your way back towards.

Don’t use an aggressive circular motion with the sponge or this may distort the pile.

After each stroke with the sponge, make sure the pile is lying in the same direction.

Try not to walk on the carpet until it’s completely dry – then vacuum it thoroughly to remove shampoo and dirt residues.

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