It’s Maternal Mental Health Week, so this 1001 Wellness Wednesday we’re sharing our best tips to help support all new mums other there.

Maternal Mental Health Week with 1001

Society’s unrealistic expectations of a mother cause undue pressure, and this alone can lead to maternal mental health issues.

That’s why Maternal Mental Health Week aims to support new mums and to change society’s attitude toward this unrealistic view of what motherhood should be like and start to raise awareness of what it’s really like.

Maternal Mental Health Week is a campaign that’s dedicated to raising public awareness of mental health problems that many experience during and after pregnancy.

This campaign is led by Perinatal Mental Health Partnership UK (PMHNP UK), a small group of people who came together in 2014 to raise awareness and support those experiencing maternal mental health problems.


Self-care tips for new mums

The most important thing to remember is to trust your own instincts and know that it’s not a competition, you’re allowed to struggle and not feel okay! Here are our top self-care reminders:

  • Eat well and keep hydrated
  • Keep to a bedtime routine to encourage your baby to fall asleep like clockwork
  • Exercise is good for your mental health and brisk walks are a great way to exercise
  • Cook easy meals, don’t burn yourself out trying to prepare complex meals – unless that is something you enjoy!
  • Try to take it all in, even the worst parts
  • Don’t worry about what you think parenthood should be, embrace it for what it is
  • Take everything one day at a time

New parents: you can find out more about services and support here.


How the 1001 team are implementing these

Look out for our friends and colleagues who are new mums and who may need our support or just a chat over a cup of tea!


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1001 Wellness Wednesday: Maternal Mental Health Week