Rugs – they are these floor-hugging, cosy friends that turn your room into a warm hug. But let’s face it, reality strikes, sometimes our beloved rugs bear the brunt of stains, spills, and pet mishaps. 

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back (and your rug’s fibres) with 1001 Carpet Care’s awesome range of rug cleaning products

Gear up, as we’re about to take you on a journey through the world of rug cleaning!


1. Carpet Stain Remover: The Unsung Hero

4 Best Rug Cleaning Products

Consider this as a superhero’s cape but for your rug. That’s our Carpet Stain Remover! 

It simply swoops in, fights the stains like a pro, and leaves no messy residue. Tea? Makeup mishaps? Red wine? It laughs in the face of these stubborn spots.

The best part, it’s gentle on your carpet fibres – like a spa day for the rug. And guess what? 

It’s WoolSafe-approved, so even your delicate wool rugs can get in on the action. The Polymer ingredient in the product not only protects the rug but also protects it from future soiling! Isn’t this a win-win situation?

How to Use It:

  1. Clean your rug to remove loose dirt.
  2. Just add 1 part Carpet Stain Remover with 6 parts water.
  3. Apply this solution using a sponge or a soft brush.
  4. Let your rug air dry (no dancing on it, please!).
  5. Remove any residue to reveal a spotless masterpiece.


2. Pet Stain Remover: For When Pets Get Creative

4 Best Rug Cleaning Products

Pets are adorable, but at times they are the chaos makers. Enter our Pet Stain Remover- one of the best cleaning products, armed with the power to remove those rigid cat and dog urine, vomit, and mud stains. It’s like having your personal pet whisperer but in a spray bottle.

Thinking about your favourite wool carpet? Don’t worry! It’s WoolSafe approved, so your furry baby’s accidents won’t leave any mark.

How to Use It:

  1. Blot wet stains and remove loose dirt.
  2. Spray the Pet Stain Remover on the affected area.
  3. Let it work its magic (cue superhero theme music).
  4. Dry thoroughly.

Your carpet will thank you with a wagging tail (fringe).


3. Carpet Machine Solution: The Grand Cleanse

4 Best Rug Cleaning Products

Got a carpet cleaning machine? High-five! This 1001 Carpet Care Carpet Machine Solution is your true sidekick. It’s like a spa day, therapy, and gym session, rolled into one for your beloved rug.

It goes deep into your carpet fibres, targets dirt, and minimises foaming. Plus, it leaves a protective shield – future stains, bye bye!

How to Use It:

  1. Add 4 capfuls of Carpet Machine Solution with 1 L of warm water.
  2. Pour it into your washing machine’s tank.
  3. Shampoo your entire carpet (bring out a cleaning guru in you).
  4. Let it dry, and voilà – here’s your professionally cleaned vibes!


4. 1001 Shampoo Carpet Cleaner: Enchanted Bath

4 Best Rug Cleaning Products


When your rug needs good pampering, reach for our 1001 Shampoo Carpet Cleaner. It’s designed to tackle those high-traffic areas with ground-in dirt.

This powerful formula works amazingly against stains from mildew and mould, leaving your carpet feeling fresh and rejuvenated. 

How to Use It:

  1. Add 1 part 1001 Shampoo with 6 parts water.
  2. Apply the solution to the stain using a clean, colour-fast cloth (make sure you don’t over-wet!).
  3. Once the stains vanish and your carpet is dry, give it a quick clean.


Rug Cleaning Myths Busted


Myth #1: Use Bleach for stains

Oh no! Your carpets don’t like it, at all! Using bleach on your rugs can cause discolouration and weaken the fibres. Never go for it!

Myth #2: DIY remedies are best

While baking soda and vinegar are the most used DIY solutions, don’t harm your rug-friend by applying those. These solutions are not suitable for all carpets. 

To your horror, incorrect proportions can even worsen those stains and damage your rug forever! 


There you have it, rug aficionados! With 1001 Carpet Care’s best carpet stain removers by your side, your rugs will shine, your pets will give you sloppy kisses, and your cleaning machine will throw a victory parade. 

So go forth, spill that coffee, and let the dog chase its tail – because now you’re armed with the best rug-cleaning products!

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