Carpets are a serious investment and also a beloved part of the home.

If the carpets are not looked after, they will deteriorate with time.

Explore our 7 tips for maintaining your carpets and making them last longer using best practices and carpet maintenance products.


Tip #1: Use a Carpet Freshener

Using a carpet freshener like the 1001 Carpet Fresh Soft Jasmine & Linen will help banish everyday smells and leave your carpets feeling new.

The freshener’s foam penetrates down the carpet fibres and neutralises trapped odours as it dries within minutes.

Tip #2: Regularly vacuum your carpet

By regularly vacuuming your carpet, you will be able to remove the outstanding dirt, dust, and debris that is wearing down the carpet over time.

The vacuuming frequency should vary based on how used the carpets are, but make sure to aim for at least once a week.


Tip #3: Implement a ”no shoe” rule on the carpet

There should be no dirty shoes on your carpet if you want to maintain it.

Implement a ‘no shoe’ policy in your home for both family members and guests by asking them to remove their shoes before entering carpeted areas. The dirt and debris in shoes can damage carpet fibres and contribute to faster wear and tear.


Tip #4: Periodically rotate the furniture on the carpet

A more advanced tip for maintaining your carpets is to change the placement of the furniture from time to time.

Periodically, make sure to distribute the weight of furniture evenly across the carpet.

That will ensure certain carpet parts will not be worn out and maintain a more consistent appearance.


Tip #5: Clean spots and stains quickly

As spots or stains appear on your carpet, make sure to use a deep stain cleaner like 1001’s Carpet Stain Remover as soon as possible.

The product’s formula effectively tackles a wide range of carpet stains, leaving no residue and contributing to the longer-term maintenance of carpets.

If you share your home with pets, make sure you have our Pet Stain Remover readily available for swiftly and easily eliminating carpet stains caused by pets, even on the most delicate carpets.


Tip #6: Limit the prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

Prolonged exposure to sunlight is not good for your carpet’s longevity.

This is because direct sunlight can lead to fading and discolouration of your carpets. 

To avoid such issues, consider using curtains, blinds, or UV-protective window films to protect your carpets from the sun’s rays.


Tip #7: Use carpet padding where possible

Where possible, invest in good-quality carpet padding to provide an extra layer of support for your carpet.

The carpet padding adds comfort and also reduces the tear on the carpet fibres from the foot traffic.

photo of a carpet that is well-maintaned