When deciding between carpet and hardwood flooring, thinking about the purpose of a room is definitely important. You may balk at putting carpeting in a children’s playroom, but there are some very good reasons to do so! Read on to find out why, as well as how child safe carpet cleaning products can make your life easier!

Why carpet makes sense for children’s play areas

Carpeting can help retain heat and make a room cosier – important for little bodies! – but there are other reasons why carpet is great in a playroom. Firstly, it’s a much softer landing should play get too rambunctious, and it’s far less slippery than tile or wood. As another added bonus, carpet does a great job at muffling noise!

Of course, you may have a concern about spills and stains, especially if your kids eat snacks or do art projects in their playroom. When choosing a carpet, you can look at which are cheaper and naturally stain resistant, but we also have tips for keeping your kids’ playroom clean with child safe cleaning products!

Child safe cleaning options


We’re happy to say that the entire 1001 range are child safe carpet cleaning products. So, whether you need some Troubleshooter for chocolate stains or are giving everything a deep clean with 3 in 1 Machine, we have you covered. Regular cleaning is a good way to make sure smells don’t linger, and to ensure better air quality for your kids.


Picking a washable wall paint will save you a lot of grief when it comes to dealing with scuffs and smudges. With a durable wall paint made for wiping, you can use a damp sponge with plain water, or mixed with a small amount of vinegar or dish soap to tackle dirty walls. And, it’s 100% child safe!


Even when your little ones outgrow sticking everything in sight into their mouths, it still pays to give their toys a disinfect every once and while. They’re not exactly always enthusiastic about washing their hands properly or covering their sneezes and coughs! One of the best child safe disinfection solutions for their hard (non-wooden) toys is household bleach. Just dilute 30 mL of household bleach in 15 L of water and give them a good 10 minute soak. Then, be sure to rinse them thoroughly in plain water. Take that, cold and flu season!

A guide to child safe carpet cleaning products