A chocolate stain – whether from a drip of ice cream or a melty long-lost Easter egg that gets stepped on – can spell disaster for your fabrics. And, unlike a T-shirt which can be bleached or easily replaced, a chocolate stain on your carpet is definitely not a treat. Unless you have our handy guide to getting this specific sweet food stain out of carpet!

Always get rid of the excess first

When dealing with a food stain on carpet, the very first step is to try and take off as much food bits as you can. Whether the chocolate has dried or is still melted, you can use a blunt knife to remove as much as possible from the surface of the carpet. You may, if the chocolate is soft, use an ice cube to help harden it into solid pieces that will flake off. In either case, wipe the knife frequently on kitchen roll to avoid spreading the stain or grinding it into the fibres.

To further lift as much chocolate as possible – if you have a non-synthetic carpet – you can try this method to pre-treat the chocolate stain:

  1. Put your clothes iron on the lowest, non-steam setting possible
  2. Cover the stain with a few folded pieces of kitchen roll
  3. Slowly and evenly iron over the paper towels to lift chocolate

Once you’ve used this method to remove as much chocolate as possible, it’s time to tackle the actual chocolate stain.

If the stain is fresh…

  1. Apply 1001 Troubleshooter and wait for a maximum of 5 minutes.
  2. Massage the product into the red wine-stained area.
  3. Remove any excess liquid with a dry cloth
  4. Leave the area to dry, then vacuum

If the stain is stubborn…

When you aren’t able to tackle a chocolate mess as it’s happening, or someone has accidentally spread the stain by ‘helping’ (thanks kids!) then you may want to use this 1001 Mousse. It’s the best help to get a food stain out of carpet!

  1. Shake the can well.
  2. Spray onto the dried chocolate stain from around 15-30 cm away.
  3. Massage the product into the stained area.
  4. Remove any excess liquid with a dry cloth
  5. Leave the area to dry, then vacuum.

And that’s it – the food stain on your carpet will be gone!

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