Are you not sure how often you should be cleaning your carpets? Well, that’s where 1001 Carpet Care comes in as we understand the importance of a clean and cosy home. In this guide we will discuss the ideal frequency for cleaning your carpets and how our products can help you get professionally clean looking carpets. 

Firstly, to ensure your carpets remain in the best condition, regular maintenance is always recommended. However, there are a number of factors that will impact how often you need to do this: 


  • High Traffic Areas 

For areas of the home that have high foot traffic such as hallways, living room and stairs this will require more frequent attention. We would recommend weekly vacuuming in these areas to prevent the build up of dirt, you can also finish off the room with one of our Carpet Fresh Scents. They will leave the area smelling amazing and won’t go unnoticed!


  • The number of people you have living in your home

If you have a big family this can increase the speed of which dirt builds, therefore having an impact on maintenance. Some weeks you may need to vacuum more than once a week, particularly in Autumn and Winter.


  • Pets and number of pets

If you have dogs or cats your carpets may need a little extra hoovering, as they can shed fur, bring in dirt or even have accidents indoors. More frequent hoovering is again recommended to prevent dirt from deeply embedding in your carpets. Additionally, you want to consider a deep clean of your carpets every 6-12 months. We have a Carpet Fresh Thai Orchid spray specifically for Pet odour and a Pet Stain Remover if there are any accidents, which removes the toughest of stains.


How often should you deep clean your carpets?

It is recommended that you schedule a deep clean every 12-18 months, however the reasons above, heavy traffic, pets and households with children may need to schedule these more often. 

Seasons may also impact how often you choose to clean your carpets. If someone in the house suffers from hayfever it may be worth cleaning your carpets thoroughly a couple of times during summer to prevent the pollen sitting in your carpets. Likewise in winter mud can often be trodden through the home. Our Carpet Shampoo is great for tackling dirt as it gets right down into the carpet fibres, our formula also leaves a protective shield which helps your carpets stay cleaner for longer. 

If you have your own carpet cleaning machine at home we have a Carpet Machine Solution that can be used in all well known brands. It helps to lift and remove dirt and stains with its active cleaning agents, leaving you with professionally clean looking carpets. 

Maintaining clean and fresh carpets doesn’t have to be a chore when you have the right products. So, how often should you clean your carpets? It all depends on your household’s unique needs. We understand that life gets in the way sometimes but with our Carpet Care products you can enjoy the comfort and beauty of clean carpets with ease. Give your home the care it deserves, and let 1001 Carpet Care help you make it happen!