Hello, dear carpet owners! Today, we’re going to embark on a magical carpet ride. Oh no, not the Aladdin kind! We’re getting into this world of carpet cleaning.

Yes, you heard it right! How do you get yellow stains out of carpet that have been the bane of your carpet’s life? Thinking about what could be your magic lamp? The 1001 Carpet Care Stain Remover is here!

So, tie up your shoe laces and let’s get started!

Why Do Carpets Sometimes Turn Yellow After Cleaning?


Reason #1: Use of cleaners with high pH

If you clean your woollen or nylon carpet with cleaning detergents having high pH, it will become yellow. Just like you don’t like harsh chemicals on your skin, your carpet too hates strong chemicals. Such products react with carpet fibre composition, causing discoloration. 


Reason #2: Fluorescent Brightening Agents

Fluorescent Brightening Agents, known as optical brighteners, are added to laundry detergents to lighten or brighten carpets. When you are using any such brightening agents your carpet’s bound to suffer! Common now, don’t torture those poor fellows. This is exactly when our superb 1001 Carpet Care Stain Remover jumps to your rescue. (your carpet’s rescue). 

Our product doesn’t contain any such agents that is not your carpet’s best friend. 


Reason #3: Photo oxidation

Photo oxidation or photodegradation, refers to degradation of carpet fibres when it gets exposed to light, especially UV radiation from the sun. You wouldn’t like getting tanned unnecessarily? Your carpet too doesn’t want that! 

Carpets made of silk or wool fibres are susceptible to photooxidation and it causes carpets to turn yellow easily. So, next time you think of drying under the sun, rethink! And did we mention our product is WoolSafe approved? Yes, you can safely use it on all kinds of carpets. 


How to Clean Yellow Stains From Your Carpet


Step #1: Prepare Your 1001 Carpet Care Stain Remover

Meet your carpet’s best pal- the 1001 Carpet Care Stain Remover. This wonder bottle will be your carpet’s knight in shining armour. Get ready to battle those stubborn yellow stains now and forever.

How To Get Yellow Stains Out Of Your Carpet?


Step #2: Remove Any Dust or Dirt From The Carpet

Before you let the knight loose, you must prepare the battlefield. Start by removing any dust or dirt in the carpet. This will make sure our Stain Remover can focus on what it does best- fighting stains.

How To Get Yellow Stains Out Of Your Carpet?


Step #3: Spray the Carpet Stain Remover

It’s time for the main battle. Spray a good amount of 1001 Carpet Care Stain Remover on those yellow stains. Wait, don’t drown it! We want to defeat the stain, not wash it away. 

How To Get Yellow Stains Out Of Your Carpet?


Step #4: Allow the Stain Remover to Sit On The Carpet for 5 Minutes

After you’ve sprayed the stain, allow the stain remover to sit on the carpet for a few minutes. This is when the real magic starts. Our amazing product will break down the stain, making it easier to remove stains.

Easier than removing blemish from your skin!


Step #5: Use a Clean Cloth To Blot The Stain

After allowing the stain remover to sit down, use a clean cloth to blot those stain monsters. Remember blot, don’t rub. You don’t want to spread the stain further!

How To Get Yellow Stains Out Of Your Carpet?

Step #6: Repeat The Process Until The Stain is Totally Gone

If that yellow stain is really stubborn, don’t worry. Repeat this process until the stain is totally gone. Always remember patience is the key. Wait, our product is allergic to hot water. So, please be kind and use cold water. 


Step #7: Vacuum The Carpet

Like you enjoy a nice blow-dry hair, your carpet too enjoys special treatment. Vacuum the carpet to fluff it up and make it look as good as new.

Our Carpet Stain Remover doesn’t require any vacuuming to remove residue as it doesn’t leave any. Is it amazing?

How To Get Yellow Stains Out Of Your Carpet?


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