We’ve been so inspired by all of your #1001Heroes submissions for our recent eco-friendly challenge, we thought we would take it even further and see what other recycling hacks we could come up with! There are so many inventive and unusual ways to recycle out there, hopefully we’ve managed to cover just a few of them. Maybe we can give you some inspiration for your next big home or garden project!


Use a rainwater catchment, not the garden hose

Instead of using your typical garden hose to water your plants, save up on your water consumption and use a rainwater catchment. Not only will this help the environment, you’ll also save money on your water bill! This might be particularly useful considering the raining season we’ve been having lately!


Opt out of junk mail

Why not opt out all of that junk mail? All of us get those letters each week which never get opened and go straight in the bin. Even if you throw the paper into the recycling bin, it is still much less detrimental for the environment to not receive it in the first place. And, let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than having a pile of junk mail build up!


Recycle your carpet, don’t fill up the dump

Instead of taking your old carpet to the rubbish dump, take it to the charity shop. You never know, your old carpet might be just what someone else is looking for to brighten up their home. Recycling old carpets is incredibly beneficial for the environment, the same can be said for old clothes as well. 

If you decide to donate your carpet, make sure you clean it and freshen it up a bit before donating it to charity. 


Recycling Your Carpet Fresh Cans

Remember to always recycle your Carpet Fresh cans in the correct way. These cans are made of steel and aluminium, meaning you can recycle them. Here are important guidelines you need to follow:

  1. The can must be completely empty; otherwise they are a hazardous material
  2. Do not pierce, crush or otherwise modify the can before you put it in your recycling bin. This could increase its chance of exploding.
  3. If there is a removable plastic lid, remove it and recycle appropriately.

Recycling your aerosol cans and carpet cleaning products is just that easy!

After you’re done recycling your old carpet fresh cans and need a new one, make sure you head over to our Amazon page for our full product range!

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