If you care about making sure your home looks well-cared for from tip to top, then you also know the importance of caring for the planet we live on. Recycling is the easiest daily way that we can ensure that every piece of plastic and metal ends up in its proper place so the material can be reused. Milk bottles and cereal boxes are easy enough to recycle, but what about your carpet cleaner spray bottles? The good news is, they’re just as easy to add to the recycling bin!

Recycling Carpet Cleaner Spray Bottles

All your carpet cleaning products in plastic bottles (think Troubleshooting spray or gels) are easily added to your household recycling collection. However, it is important that they are completely empty before they’re added to the collection bin. Small amounts of liquids, gels or powders are safe to flush, but if you can’t get the last bit out of spray out of the bottle, we would suggest unscrewing the top and adding it to the next bottle. Then, just rinse, shake dry and add to the recycling bin!

It’s not necessary to completely clean out these bottles (unlike food containers, which need do need to be).  Any soap or cleaner left inside are not likely to create a contamination issue to the rest of the recycling.

Recycling Aerosols

Aerosol cans, like Carpet Mousse, or any of the Carpet Fresh range are key for cleaning carpet, but are they recyclable? Usually, these cans are made of steel and aluminium, meaning you can recycle them. Here are important guidelines you need to follow:

  1. The can must be completely empty; otherwise they are a hazardous material
  2. Do not pierce, crush or otherwise modify the can before you put it in your recycling bin. This could increase its chance of exploding.
  3. If there is a removable plastic lid, remove it and recycle appropriately.

Recycling your aerosol cans and carpet cleaning products is just that easy! If you have other questions, or want more tips on which 1001 carpet care products are right for your home, follow us at @1001carpetcare on social media for weekly tips and tricks!

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