Summer is the perfect time to enjoy vitamin- and antioxidant-packed fruits as they come into season. Cherries, for example, are a source of fibre, potassium, calcium, vitamin A and folic acid. Cherry juice’s high polyphenol content may even help reduce blood pressure. However healthy cherries and cherry juice are, their ability to leave serious stains are a definite downside. Here are our carpet cleaning tips for tackling cherry stains and other red fruit spills with carpet spot cleaner.

How to clean red fruit stains with carpet spot cleaner

Whether a berry has been stepped on and smushed into carpet, or a tumbler of cranberry juice has been tipped over, there’s a 1001 solution to step in and help! Here’s how to clean red fruit stains out with carpet spot cleaner.

  1. Carefully blot – don’t rub – with a kitchen towel to try and remove as much of the liquid or fruit bits from the surface of the carpet.
  2. Apply 1001 Troubleshooter and wait for a maximum of 5 minutes.
  3. Massage the product into the fruit-stained area.
  4. Remove any excess liquid with a dry cloth
  5. Leave the area to dry, then vacuum.

Has the stain already dried?

Sometimes we don’t see a stain until it has already dried, but that’s when 1001 Mousse can save the day! It uses a unique rapid-drying formula that works deep-down into carpet fibres to remove stains quickly. That makes it perfect for tackling ground-in dirt as well as all types of dry spills and stains, like bright fruit juices.  Here are the carpet cleaning tips to use it effectively:

  1. Shake the can well.
  2. Spray onto the dried red wine stain from around 15-30 cm away.
  3. Massage the product into the stained area.
  4. Remove any excess liquid with a dry cloth
  5. Leave the area to dry, then vacuum.

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