Carpets are more than just floor covers; they add to the look of our homes.

But let’s face it: over time, carpets can trap pungent or unpleasant odours from pets, cooking, or everyday life.

That’s where 1001 Carpet Care comes to the rescue – your trusted partner in keeping your carpets fresh, clean, and welcoming all year round.

A clean carpet is incomplete without a refreshing scent. The 1001 Carpet Care’s best carpet odour removers and fresheners ensure your home smells amazing always. Let’s dive into some of the awesome range!

These are perfect for tough and lingering odours that refuse to leave your carpet and home!

1001 Carpet Fresh Feel Energised: Revitalise your senses


The 3 Best Carpet Odour Removers & Fresheners

Imagine stepping into a sun-kissed garden. This is what you feel with 1001 Carpet Fresh Feel Energised! The vibrant top notes of Lemon and Green simply take you there.

The zesty Lemon awakens your senses and instantly uplifts your mood. Moreover, as you breathe in, you can enjoy the delicate soothing smell of Jasmine. 

It’s as if your carpet is covered in sweet-smelling flowers. The smell is strong enough to remove all odours from your carpet.

Oakwood, Patchouli, and Musk offer a comforting feeling. Oakwood takes you back to the ancient forests, Patchouli adds to the earthiness, while Musk wraps you in tranquillity.

They offer a calming effect that turns your home into a sanctuary.

1001 Carpet Fresh Soft Jasmine and Linen: Trail of Freshness

The 3 Best Carpet Odour Removers & Fresheners

The Soft Jasmine and Linen scent is perfectly crafted resulting in a truly unique aroma. It is a true blend of some of the finest odour removers that leave behind a freshness trail.

The initial burst includes a soft smell of jasmine, odour-killing linen, and a unique smell of fresh floral notes.

The quick-drying foam formula penetrates deep down into the carpet fibres, and neutralises the trapped odours, without the need to vacuum.

This 1001 Carpet Fresh Soft Jasmine and Linen carpet freshener is WoolSafe approved meaning you can use it on your wool carpets easily without worrying about damage.


1001 Carpet Fresh Apple & Waterlily: Floral & Fruity Bouquet


The 3 Best Carpet Odour Removers & Fresheners

Keeping your home smelling fresh and inviting is a necessity. When it comes to your carpets and rugs, the 1001 Carpet Fresh Apple & Waterlily is surely your secret weapon.

Crafted with precision, the Apple & Waterlily scent is a superb blend that dances through the air. Imagine being welcomed with the sweetness of apples, the juiciness of pears, and the tanginess of cranberries!

At the core, delicate waterlilies, fragrant freesia, and exotic lychee break the monotony of smelly carpets.

The result? A floral and fruity bouquet that lingers in the air like a gentle breeze. Just when you thought it was all, the sudden sandalwood aroma adds warmth and balance.


Why Choose 1001 Carpet Fresheners?


The 3 Best Carpet Odour Removers & Fresheners

Quick-Drying Formula

Say no to waiting time! The foam dries in just a few minutes, leaving your carpets fresh without the fuss.


No Vacuum Required

Unlike some carpet fresheners, 1001’s carpet odour removers need no vacuuming. Simply apply the light, quick-drying spray, and let it work its magic.


Neutralises Hidden Odours

It’s like a secret agent for your carpets. The foam penetrates deep into the fibres, neutralising trapped odours. Pet smells, cooking aromas, and other lingering scents don’t stand a chance at all.


Safe for Wool or Delicate Carpets

You can safely use these on delicate carpets to get rid of smells. 1001 Carpet fresheners are WoolSafe approved and offer gentle care for your floor protectors.


Pick your carpet odour removers and fresheners now! After all, a well-scented home is a happy home!

How to use a carpet foam spray freshener