Our 1001 fans never cease to amaze us. From sharing where you can buy 1001 products in Ireland to their top cleaning tips and secret hacks, they’ve got plenty up their sleeves! We’ve pulled together some of the best cleaning advice that the community has shared, including some of the funniest!

Fast food fixes?

While food stains and drink spills can cause some of our biggest messes, some foods or kitchen items can actually help with cleaning!

Skinnylynne2 suggests that, “if you spill nail varnish on a hard surface pour sugar over it …. leave it a few seconds and the sugar will soak up the nail varnish and make it firm enough to pick up.”

If someone accidentally breaks glass on a hard floor, tiffanycrawford6782 has a unique fix.  “Use a piece of bread to pick all tiny pieces up , just keep dabbing the area till all pieces are gone then through bread away, not cut fingers!”

Emmae86 is not alone when it comes to believing in the cleaning power of lemons. “They are so good at cutting through the grease in everything, especially microwaves and ovens!”

It may not smell as fresh as a lemon, but clare_wallace18 swears by using an onion cut in half to “scrub off the stuck on, burnt food on your BBQ.”

For small grills, like a toasty maker or griddle, Amy Niven says, “Pour some soda water on when still hot. It lifts all the grime. Just ensure you have something to catch the water!! Quick wipe and it’s as good as new.”

Not to be outdone with soda-based solutions, Leanne M Phillips says she boils flat Pepsi in her saucepans to remove any burned on food.

Vinegar works for everything!

One of the most recurring pieces of cleaning advice we received was about how versatile vinegar is for…well, just about anything!

“I used white vinegar to remove limescale from our kettle.” – mfl1276

“Use vinegar to clean your windows, it leaves them with an incredible, streak free shine!” – jaxxyrose

Ackiecooper1957 adds, “To keep the rubber door seal on your washing machine clean from black mould use bicarb and vinegar. The two products will fizz up when put together and is really good at cleaning the black that can form on the rubber seal.”

Bicarb and soda can also be used for the stove, says gemmahsmith1983. She says that “[I put]my attachment on my hob into a zip-lock bag with bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar to get all the grease and grime off!

Giddyypixie adds that because she lives in a hard water area, she uses vinegar to tackle filmy white coating on her glassware. “I soak the glasses in white vinegar for five minutes once a month and they stay sparkling clean!!”

It’s all about attitude

Does it feel like the hardest part of cleaning is starting? Thankfully, we received some cleaning tips that deal with getting in the mood!

Emilyh2413 says that “Little and often is [her] key to stopping the cleaning becoming overwhelming.”

Caroline Cummins on Twitter thinks that “The most important thing with cleaning is motivation! Make a playlist of [upbeat] motivational music and see how the time flies!”

“Don’t start a new job until you have finished the last.” – Lisa Paterson

Iona Cornish adds some sage advice. “Make sure you get the children and grandchildren involved as early as possible so they expect to help. If the whole family helps it all gets done quickly and then everyone can have some fun instead.”

“Making a list is my number one tip! I’d be lost without mine! Do everything in order and tick them off one at a time, it’s so satisfying and keeps you on track!” – Chloe Vincent.

Most Unique

And what was our most unique piece of cleaning advice? The honour goes to Tim Bain! He suggests that you can “Cut most of the handle off a toilet brush and use it in a drill as a power scrubber.”

Very creative, Tim! If you ever want to let us know your best household hacks and cleaning advice, just reach out on our Instagram or Facebook page!

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