Our History


Launched in the 1940’s as the first ‘all-purpose’ cleaning liquid. Versatility advertised as ‘1001 uses around the home’.


1950’s Labour intensive 1001 Household and Carpet Cleaners appealed to ‘traditional’ housewives.


Carpet focussed, driven by 1960’s slogan: ‘1001 cleans a big, big carpet for less than half a crown’.
1967- Saw the introduction of the more convenient 1001 Carpet Shampoo (less time, less mess).


Early 1980’s launched Auto product for carpet cleaning machines.
1989- Troubleshooter launched (the ultimate in quick-fix stain removal).


1995- Mousse format launched for wet spills and stains as well as ground in dirt- to meet the needs of working adults and ‘mums on the run’.


2000- Launch of Pet Stain and Odour remover with anti-bacterial ingredients.
2004- WD-40 Purchases the 1001 brand from Cussons in April 2004.
2004- 1001 successfully launched Spotshot, No Vac, No Vac Car and Laminate & Wood Cleaner.