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Better looking carpets for longer

Carpets aren’t cheap. After the house and the car, carpets are often your third most important outlay. That’s why it pays to look after them. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and spot and stain removal is essential. Here are a few valuable tips well worth remembering…

1. Don’t let them get dirty

It’s not exactly rocket science. Keep them clean by always having a clean doormat at the door and wiping your feet well. Change into house shoes once inside to reduce the amount of surface soiling that makes it look dirty. This prevents the build up of gritty soil which grinds away at the base of the tufts and wears your carpet out quicker. It also stops bacteria breeding, too ‚ important if you’ve crawling toddlers.

2. Test an inconspicuous area of carpet/upholstery

with the chosen 1001 product before use to check if carpet/upholstery is colourfast and suitable for wet cleaning.

3. Deal with spillages immediately

Don’t mess about. Research shows that you always get a better result if you clean up stains whilst they are still wet. Absorb liquid spills with either white kitchen towel or an absorbent ‘terry’ towel ensuring all liquid is absorbed from the area which will prevent the stain from re-appearing after cleaning or spreading during the cleaning process.

4. Vacuum regularly

Don’t let the bag or canister get too full – the suction efficiency can drop dramatically when the collection bin or bag becomes half full.

Even so…

Be as careful as you can, but at some point, you’ll need to wet clean your carpet. This removes the very fine particles of dirt that stick to the fibres and make your carpet look grubby. It also helps to keep your rooms smelling fresher.

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