Carpet Fresh Mixed Triple Pack

Keep your carpets and rugs smelling amazing for longer with the NEW Carpet Fresh Mixed Triple pack, exclusive to Amazon!

The pack contains:

  • Carpet Fresh Exotic Flowers & Grapefruit
  • Carpet Fresh Thai Orchid Pet
  • Carpet Fresh Soft Jasmine & Linen

Enjoy the floral, fruity and citrus blends of the full range all in just one pack! Blended by a leading fragrance house, 1001 Carpet Fresh is a quick-drying fine foam which penetrates deep down into your carpet fibres, instantly neutralising trapped odours.

it’s safe to use on the most delicate of carpets, including wool. It’s your best friend when you want to deal with lingering carpet and rug smells and enjoy hours of freshness.

Whether it’s your favourite carpet freshener or your first time trying the range, why not give it a go!

  • Easy to use
  • Dries in minutes
  • Banishes everyday smells
  • Blended by fragrance experts
  • Tackles smells from pets, tobacco and cooking
  • Great on tough and lingering odours
  • Hours of freshness
  • No need to vacuum
  • Leaves no mess
  • Safe to use on most delicate carpets
  • WoolSafe approved

Important information

  • Allow treated area to dry before coming into contact with skin.
  • Do not use 1001 Carpet Fresh near birds.
  • Do not use on ‘velvet’ type materials, brocade, rayon or those unsuitable for wet cleaning.

The term ‘shelf-life’ is considered to be the minimum period of time for which a product stored correctly in the original and unopened container is expected to perform in line with the original manufacturing specification.  This minimum period is strongly linked to the warranty period provided on components. These products are however of a robust nature and manufactured to a high calibre and as such they can continue to perform as expected for a significantly longer period.  In any event, should these products be used beyond the minimum shelf-life set, WD-40 would not recommend usage greater than 5 years from date of manufacture.

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