It’s World Milk Day! We know how important calcium intake is. Especially for young children. But they’re not the only ones who enjoy a refreshing glass of milk. Or the only ones who are accident prone! Whether you enjoy your’s with cereal or in a summery smoothie, there’s nothing worse than spilled milk. Not only does it leave a nasty stain. The smell is also relentless, lingering for weeks. Especially on these hot, summer days. However, we know how you can win this battle. Here we will show you the best way to clean carpet. And make sure that smell is stopped in its tracks!


Dealing with the spillage immediately

Act quickly! There is no time to waste. Before anything else, soak up as much liquid with a dry cloth or kitchen towel. The best way to clean carpet is with 1001 Troubleshooter. Spray on the area and wait 5 minutes. Massage the product into the carpet to target deep into the stain. This will prevent it from developing that awful smell! Blot excess product with a dry cloth. Allow the area to dry and vacuum. To finish off, spray with your favourite 1001 Carpet Fresh! This will be sure to keep the room smelling fresh!


Remove smell from carpet

The smell already appeared? If you missed the milk being spilled, don’t worry! The best way to remove smell from the carpet is with 1001 Mousse. This targets ground in stains, getting deep into the fibres. Spray the product evenly onto the area. Massage the product into the carpet. This is important to make sure no milk remnants are left. Leave the product to dry and then vacuum the area. Once again, spray with 1001 Carpet Fresh. This will ensure you’ve removed the cause of the smell. And will keep your home smelling clean and fresh.


Where you can buy 1001 Products

All our products are available at our Amazon Store. Alternatively, you can purchase your milk stain-busting products at any of our retailers including SaversThe RangePoundstretcherB&M.

So you can drink your milk to your heart’s content, knowing your carpet’s best friend is here for any spillages!

best way to clean milk on carpet