If you have carpet in your home, you know how quickly and easily it can get stains.

No matter how careful you are, with the hustles of every day, you may have drops and spills on the carpet. 

While you can remove the stains, what about the smell? Well, this is when you need 1001 Carpet Care carpet odour removers or fresheners. They work wonderfully to remove the pungent smell and odour from your carpet.

But how do you get smells out of the carpet? Explore our guide.

1. Target Specific Odours

Identify the source of the smell. 

Is it pet-related, food-related, or perhaps a lingering mustiness? Different odours may require specific approaches. For instance:

  • Pet Odours: If you’re dealing with pet accidents, use our pet stain removers designed to break down organic compounds. Follow up with the 1001 Carpet Freshener to leave a pleasant scent.
  • Food Spills: For food-related smells, focus on the affected area. Remove any excess moisture, then apply the freshener to neutralise the odour.
  • General Mustiness: If your carpet smells musty, make sure you spray the freshener across the entire carpet, and it will work wonders.

2. Treat Soiled Areas

Before addressing any smell, make sure your carpet is clean. Start by removing any dried-on spills, blot away wetness, and use our stain removers to remove stains.

3. Spot Test New Products

If you decide to try a different carpet care product, always perform a spot test first. 

Even though all our odour removers are safe to use on carpets, still conducting a patch test causes no harm.

Apply a small amount to a small area and check for any adverse reactions. Once you’re confident, proceed with treating the entire carpet.

4. Shake the Can

Grab your 1001 Carpet Freshener and give it a good shake. Ensuring it’s well-mixed for optimal performance. Interestingly, we have a wide range of carpet fresheners to choose from. You can choose any. 

5. Spray Evenly

Hold the can about 30 cm away from the carpet and apply the freshener evenly across the surface. Cover the surface and the backside of the carpet too. Look for areas with persistent odours.

The key benefit of 1001’s carpet freshener range is that you do not have to vacuum before or after applying the formula.

6. Let It Settle Down

Allow the freshener to sit for about at least 10 minutes. During this time, it works to neutralise odours and leaves a pleasant scent behind. Spray it more than once, if needed. Our fresheners are safe to use on all types of carpets, including woollen. 

7. Rotate Furniture

Sometimes, odours get trapped beneath furniture. Try rearranging your furniture periodically to allow the carpet underneath to breathe. While doing it, give your carpet a quick spritz of the 1001 Carpet Freshener in those hidden spots.

8. Ventilation

Open windows and allow fresh air to circulate. Proper ventilation helps remove odours and prevents them from becoming trapped in your home. Plus, it’s a natural way to refresh your living room.

9. Create a Carpet Care Schedule

Set reminders for regular vacuuming, carpet cleaning, and freshener applications. Consistency is key to maintaining a pleasant-smelling carpet.

So, how do you get smells out of the carpet? Remember, 1001 Carpet Care products are your allies in keeping your carpets fresh and odour-free! Feel free to explore our range of carpet cleaners and fresheners for optimal results. 

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