We freely admit that we might be a little food obsessed – so World Food Day is our sort of holiday! However, while we love trying new cuisine from Cambodia, Portugal or Peru, we don’t love food stains on carpet! So, if your latest culinary experiment has left you wondering how to get food stains our of carpet or remove smell from carpet, here are our tips!

How to get food stains out of carpet

If you have just spilled and created new food stains on your carpet, a quick spray of Troubleshooter can save the day! 1001 Troubleshooter is safe for all carpets, including wool and many other household fabrics.

  1.  First, soak up the extra liquid with a piece of kitchen roll.
  2. Spray the carpet stain with 1001 Trouble Shooter and wait 5 minutes.
  3. Use a colour-fast cloth to massage the Trouble Shooter into the stain.
  4. Remove excess liquid with a dry cloth and let dry.
  5. Repeat if necessary
  6. Vacuum area once stain is gone and your carpet has dried.

How to remove smells from carpet after cooking

To remove smells from carpet, first make sure there are no dried food stains. Residue from spices and fragrant ingredients can contribute to carpet odour. If it’s a stubborn, dried stain, grab your 1001 Mousse!

  1. Shake the can of Mousse well.
  2. Hold the can 15-30 cm away from the carpet and apply an even coating.
  3. Massage the product into the stained area with a clean, colour-fast cloth or sponge.
  4. Leave to dry, then vacuum.

To further remove smell from carpet, just grab a can of your favourite Carpet Fresh scent! A side to side sweep with a thin layer of foam will give you hours of freshness!


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How to get food stains out of carpet - World Food Day