With lockdown ending, we’re all breathing a little easier (behind our masks of course!). With a return to (almost) normality, you’re probably anxious to return to your old habits. If you’re anything like us, that includes getting a manicure—we missed this self-care ritual the most! But, we certainly didn’t miss subsequently ruining our manicure while carpet cleaning. 


Any kind of cleaning can be tough on our hands. But it’s important to care for them, not only for aesthetics, but also to get rid of lingering bacteria. We’ve created a handy guide to giving your hands the TLC they need while tackling tough carpet stains around the home!


Why is Hand Care So Important?

As we’ve learned over the past year, clean hands are an important preventative step for good health. That definitely applies when carpet cleaning or otherwise cleaning around the house!


A lot of the dust in your home is made from dead skin cells and bacteria from dust mites. And that’s just normal day-to-day dirt! Other carpet stains from juice or food will have bacteria attached to it. If you have furry friends, then you know carpet cleaning can have some nasty surprises. Thankfully, 1001 pet-safe products will clean the carpet stains, but you still don’t want any of that mess on your hands!


How to Protect Your Hands While Carpet Cleaning


Want to protect yourself from germs and make the most of your manicure? Then grab your Marigolds! You might only wear rubber gloves when tackling particularly gross tasks like cleaning the toilet, but there’s a good reason why you should always wear them. (Besides protecting against bacteria, which is a good enough reason for us!)


Have you ever accidentally scalded your hands with extra hot water? Rubber gloves protect you against the worst of the heat, and the drying effects of hot water. Hot water is great at helping wash away unwanted dirt and oil, but will also wash away the natural oils that help prevent your skin from cracking. Cracked skin is a definite no-no when it comes to all the germs we’ve already mentioned. So if you’re carpet cleaning with 1001 Shampoo, make sure you have some gloves on hand!


Oops—There’s Nail Varnish on the Carpet


Maybe you’ve managed to perfect the at-home manicure during lockdown. Maybe the learning process involved more than a few spills. Don’t worry, we’re not judging. Carpet cleaning when you’re dealing with nail varnish will test your carpet stain skills like no other. But 1001 has your back!


To get rid of nail varnish on your carpet, simply:


  1. Remove any residue with kitchen towel.
  2. Spot clean using a soft cloth with a non-oily nail varnish remover.
  3. Repeat until all residue is removed.
  4. Blot again with kitchen towel.
  5. Apply 1001 Carpet Stain Remover and wait for up to 5 minutes.
  6. Gently massage into the stained area.
  7. Remove excess liquid with a dry cloth.
  8. Leave the area to dry, then vacuum.


Want More Carpet Cleaning Tips for Tackling Carpet Stains?


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Protect nails while carpet cleaning