Customer Testimonials

“I just wanted to say that your 1001 Trouble Shooter Stain
Remover is magic stuff! Over the last year or two we have
managed to have no less than four, full glasses of red wine
spilled on our beige carpet and, after cleaning up with
1001 Stain Remover, you honestly cannot tell where these
potential disasters occurred.

I’m old enough to remember the “…for less than half a
crown” advert but who needs to clean a “big, big carpet”
when you can get rid of all the annoying stains, big or
small, so easily with your Trouble Shooter.

Too often we only write when we have something to
criticize, so I thought it would be nice to make the effort
to write when things turn out to be good.”

“I have just used your 1001 No Vac Carpet Freshener – this is
good stuff. My dog has been poorly and the product has cleared
the odours not masked them, like some do. I have only used the
Spring Rain version and look forward to using the other versions.
Thank you for a great product!”

“Since buying a puppy a few weeks ago, I couldn’t get rid of the
doggy smell. I bought your No Vac Pet product and I am so happy
with the results – it’s fantastic! I have recommended it to friends
and family. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!”

“Thank you so much for the advice to buy your 1001 Shampoo –
it was absolutely fantastic. Much better than Vanish and it’s
made my carpets look like new! Thanks Lisa.”

“I am just writing to say how much I like your ‘1001’ carpet
products. I clean houses for a living and always have a
selection of your carpet products in my cleaning kit.”
May Workman

“LOVE IT!!! Amazing product – thanks so much!”
Mrs Rogers

“Remove oil from car upholstery – AMAZING PRODUCT!!!!”
Ms Mallet

“Removed bright red hair dye from my carpet – amazing!”

“Excellent – cleans blood stains – Thank you.”
Miss E R Jones

“Good value for money – highly effective.”
D Fitzgerald

“Brings my carpets up brilliantly so just wanted to say thank you.”

“This is a brilliant product, it successfully removed biro out of upholstery!”
Mr Hallows

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