Carpet stains—they’re like uninvited guests at a party. You didn’t ask for them, but there they are, making themselves comfortable on your plush floor covering. Fear not! We’ve got your back. In this guide, we’ll talk about how do you get tough stains out of carpet using the magical elixir known as 1001 Carpet Care Stain Remover.

The Science of Tough Carpet Stains

  • Chocolate- when some of that lip-smacking dark chocolate ends up on your favourite carpet, the first thing you do is scrape off as much as you can with a spoon or knife. Don’t do it! Imagine someone pocking your skin with a pin? Would you like it? NO! Your carpet too needs gentle care.
  • Oil- if by chance oil spills on your beige coloured carpet, don’t consider it to be the end of the world. What you need to do it use our 1001 Carpet Care Stain Remover to remove this unwanted guest from your home.
  • Blood- Blood is the most unpleasant liquid. Such stains on carpet may even let people assume you might have just murdered someone and hid the body! Ouch! The best thing is we have a solution for you in the form of our Stain Remover. Just make sure you use cold water and blot the spot first.
  • Ink- kids are imaginative. They can turn your carpet into a canvas in no time. But you don’t need to worry, 1001 Carpet Care has got the right thing for you. 

How to Get Rid of Tough Stains (Step-by-Step)


Step #1: Prepare Your Carpet Stain Remover

Just like you wouldn’t dye your hair green without a test strand, give that hidden carpet corner a sneak peek of 1001’s Carpet Stain Remover. It’s the VIP treatment for your rug!

How To Get (Really) Tough Stains Out Of Your Carpet


Step #2: Remove Excessive Dirt

If the stain dries, play Sherlock and remove the evidence. If it’s wet, blot like you’re trying to solve a mystery with a clean, trusty sidekick cloth.


Step #3: Spray The 1001 & Wait For 5 Minutes

Spray this 1001’s magic potion on the stain and wait for 5 minutes. It’s like giving your carpet a mini spa treatment.


Step #4: Massage the Carpet Stain Remover With a Brush

Gently massage the remover into the carpet’s soul (fibre) with a brush. It’s like a tickle fight for your fibres.


How To Get (Really) Tough Stains Out Of Your Carpet

Step #5: Blot the Spot With a Cloth

After the product worked its charm, blot with a cloth like you’re patting your carpet to sleep. Shh, it’s nap time for stains.


How To Get (Really) Tough Stains Out Of Your Carpet


Step #6: Lastly, Vacuum The Carpet

Once the area’s drier than a comedian’s wit, bring it back to life by vacuuming. It’s like a makeover show for your floor.


How To Get (Really) Tough Stains Out Of Your Carpet


Bonus: What if the carpet stain still persists?

If the stain is still hanging on, pull up your socks and repeat. Yeehaw, round two!


The Don’ts of Carpet Tough Stain Removal


#1: Do not get rub the tough stains too hard

Rubbing the tough stain is like telling a genie you wish for more wishes-this just doesn’t work and makes it all worse. My friend, you need to blot! 


#2: Do not heat the stain

Applying heat to your carpet is more like giving your carpet a blanket and telling you to stay awhile. You must avoid heat to stop the stain from settling in for longer to stay.


#3: Do not mix up several cleaning solutions

Mixing several cleaning agents? Nah! That’s not your thing. Simply use our 1001 Carpet Care Stain Remover and watch stains vanish like the finger snap of Thanos!


#4: Do not use coloured cloth to clean or blot

Using coloured cloth to clean or blot is a big NO-NO. It can turn a cleaning session into a tye-dye project. Choose white or light-coloured cleaning cloths to avoid a colour parade.

Stain removal is a delicate dance that needs patience. So, gear yourself up with knowledge and a bottle of 1001 Carpet Care Stain Remover and work your charm on the carpets.

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