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“I just wanted to say that your 1001 Trouble Shooter Stain Remover is magic stuff!” Jenny >> More info

Troubleshooter Spot Stain Remover

The one trigger carpet and upholstery stain remover every household needs in an emergency.

Product Information

The one trigger carpet and upholstery stain remover every household needs in an emergency. Keep 1001 Troubleshooter handy in your kitchen cupboard to quickly and effectively tackle all types of dry spills and stains. Tackles everything from coffee and tea to red wine stains.

How the product works…
The unique, simple to use, foam spray blend of mild detergents and polymer cleans deep into the carpet, prevents future soiling and leaves no tacky residue – just an invigorating fresh fragrance.
The products contains no bleaching agents or aggressive solvents and is completely safe to use on all types of carpets including wool. And what’s more it’s Woolsafe Approved.

Top Tip
When using Troubleshooter do not over scrub carpet in one area and do not over wet.

Question and Answers

Lisa answers the most common questions
asked about 1001 Troubleshooter Spot Stain Remover

Troubleshooter Spot Stain Remover - Question and Answers


Do I need to dilute this with water?

No – Troubleshooter is ready to use.

Can I use this in my carpet cleaning machine?

No – Troubleshooter is a stain remover only, and is not intended for general cleaning. If you need a shampoo for your machine you can use 1001 3-in-1 Machine.

Can I use this on my upholstery?

Yes – however, always check that your upholstery is suitable for wet cleaning before use, always test an area and allow to dry thoroughly before use.

Can I use this on my Oriental Rug?

No – the dyes used in these rugs are generally not colourfast, and will need to be dry cleaned.

Where should I use this?

We recommend this product is for use on stains only – for general carpet cleaning and for larger areas use 1001 Shampoo.

Is there a refill?


Is it safe to use with animals?

Yes – all 1001 products are perfectly safe to use and are not toxic/hazardous in any way.

Can I use this product to remove Lily Pollen?

No, please contact our helpline for further advice on how to remove this.

Here's how to use 1001 Troubleshooter Spot Stain Remover in a few easy steps…

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Safety first Always test a hidden area for colour fastness and allow to dry completely before use. Allow the test area to dry completely (drying can take up to 12 hours). Observe for colour stability. If a colour difference can be seen, we advise against use of this product. Do not use on Velvet type fabrics, brocade, rayon or those unsuitable for wet cleaning. Preparation Liquid Spills – Blot stain with kitchen towel or clean dry cloth to soak up excess Solid Residues – Scrape up excess with a blunt knife Dry Stains – Vacuum the affected area Here’s how to use Troubleshooter in a few easy steps…

  • Blot liquid spills with kitchen roll – scrape up solid residues with a BLUNT knife.
  • Apply 1001 Troubleshooter approx 16cm (6ins) away from stain, lightly covering area.
  • Work from outside of stain to centre using damp cloth or soft brush in short straight strokes. Do not use circular motion. Do not overwet. Excessive rubbing could cause ‘fuzzing’ of carpet or ‘pilling’ of upholstery.
  • Finally, blot excess moisture with kitchen roll and brush the carpet pile into original position. Use a straight edge, eg plastic ruler or blunt knife.
  • Vacuum when completely dry.

*This product is not suitable for removing Lily Pollen. Please contact our helpline for further advice on how to remove this