New No Vac Pet!

Following on from the success of the No Vac Carpet and Upholstery Freshener, 1001 have extended the range to include No Vac Pet- a carpet and upholstery foam freshener that specifically tackles hidden, stubborn odours caused by your pets in the home.

No Vac Pet has the same unique attributes as the existing range which gives you the benefit of a quick and easy freshening solution that can be used everyday without the need to vacuum. The fine foam simply dissolves in minutes leaving a fresh fragrance in your home without any sticky residue on your carpets.

No Vac Pet makes a perfect accompaniment to Pet Stain remover- an antibacterial trigger spot stain remover that tackles all undesirable stains including cat and dog urine, faecal stains and vomit.

Look out for the product available soon in retailers.

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